VG Cargo goes to Munich

Managing Director Mr. N. Dinges and Head of Finance/HR Mrs. E. Lindt and other members of staff visit the Transport Logistic Air Cargo Europe trade fair from 5 to 8 May 2015

The Transport Logistic / Air Cargo Europe is a fantastic event, for all the people in and around the variety of industries represented, to meet, greet and compete. VG Cargo staff took the opportunity to carefully look at the innovations and industry services as well as developments happening around the world.

Hahn Airport’s stand was positioned well and visitor friendly – which provided a place to think, meet with associates and enjoy the infotainment. The VG team met with friends and partners, in some cases seeing each other for the first time – live. Sharing experiences and ideas with clients, new and old, or simply sharing highlights and lowlights with someone from a faraway corner of the world makes the event an increasingly valuable platform for organizations of all sizes and services.

On site report by: M.Taweel