Emergency Aid to Nepal

28 tons of emergency equipment and supplies take off from Hahn Airport

On the 8th of May 2015 more emergency aid was loaded onto an Ilyushin (Il-76TD). Freight forwarder Kuehne + Nagel and the organization “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” rolled up to the aircraft in the early morning hours – ready to go. The team at VG Cargo handled, processed and secured the cargo long before sunrise. My first time-stamp was at 3AM with Mr. A. Leoni (OPS at VG) determining status and exact location of the freight in building 860. Another check at 6AM status – ready.

On the apron Mr. A. Friesen (OPS at VG) played an important role keeping the whole processing moving quickly and safely. The entire process was carefully coordinated and quickly executed independent of the extra-ordinary conditions. (aircraft type and destination, freight type / load specifics and time). According Mr. Eck, the head of operations at VG, it is the teamwork, constant flow of communication on all levels and expertise… “another perfect day!”

On site report by: M.Taweel

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