TAPA Certification for VG Cargo

As of 4 June 2015 VG Cargo GmbH is TAPA Certified TACSS Level 1. A milestone for the company and a security benchmark for the cargo industry, especially VG’s customers.

TAPA is an internationally recognized leader for security standards. Developing security solutions across many industries and working directly with shippers, manufacturers, carriers, law enforcement and government agencies TAPA represents a worldwide coalition securing the future, today.

“This is an important milestone for us as an organization. It is also the peace of mind cargo companies, freight forwarders and airlines look for to ensure the safety of their freight shipments.” according to Mr. Dinges, the Managing Director/CEO of VG. TAPA, in combination with AEO-F (May 2015) and ISO Certification 9001:2008 (in 2013) VG Cargo sets the bar even higher, in addition to using the latest technologies, systems and IT to keep cargo moving, quickly… safe and sound.

This crowning achievement confirms VG Cargo’s long standing commitment to quality, security and speed.

On site report by: M. Taweel