VIPs visit VG

High ranking government officials as well as politicians from the region (Rhineland-Palatinate) receive an insider’s look at operations at Hahn-Airport. The comprehensive tour allowed the visitors to see the unique qualities of the airport and the organizations on site.

The visitors were given a close-up view of the runway, during which they were able to enjoy the picturesque landing of a 747-800 freighter from Chicago. The tour included a quick look at the some of the modern facilities providing aviation and air cargo services.

All the visitors entered building 860 through the extra-large entry way of the cargo terminal, which is normally used for Oversized Cargo that can be brought right into the warehouse where the 16 ton bridge-crane is located.
The high rack storage, x-ray equipment and road feeder systems where explained in detail by the VG Team
(T. Leoni, V. Jakobi, M. Taweel). Questions about dangerous goods, live animals and processing freight were also part of the discussion including the similarities and differences to passenger traffic.

The tour concluded with a close look at the aircraft parked airside – which is always a highlight for visitors.

On site report by: M. Taweel