Full Court Press at Hahn Airport

The “Landespressekonferenz-RLP” (State Press Conference) is an independent group of full-time correspondents and editors who report on various issues related to and relevant to Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

On the 6th of July, 2015 a select group of people, all working for well-known news and media organizations received a 360° view of Hahn Airport and some the key companies operating there.

Recent news-worthy events were the main points of interest for the visitors. Rightfully so; their reading, listening and viewing public are extremely interested in what is happening at the airport and are more than just curious about the future. In addition to the many USPs the airport has, there is also no lack of “headlines” (about almost everything else)… that is for sure.

Many questions asked were about, industry characteristics and trends, past events and current activities with a special interest about facts and figures related to the economics of freight and aviation, were fielded by Mr. M.Taweel and Mr. V. Jakobi during the visit at VG Cargo GmbH. The landside and airside cargo operations (capacity, core competencies and services) added more detail to the in-depth interview.

The timing of the tour, which was planned and carried out by the Press/PR Department of Hahn Airport, had the added beauty of seeing a 747-800F – land, taxi, unload to the cargo terminal …where the magic happens – right before the eyes (and cameras) of the LPK – in real time. (safe and secure + fast and efficient)

On site report by: M. Taweel