Travel Agencies tour VG Cargo

Freight meets Frequent Flyers.

On the 19th of November 15 travel agents from approximately a 100km radius of HHN were given a tour of the airport. Tours are given on a regular basis to industry VIPs, political parties and community organizations.

Naturally the passenger terminal and travel related services are the focus of travelers and agencies alike. The cost savings and convenience of international air traffic combined with the natural beauty, special events and rich culture of the area are important business drivers. The visiting agents spoke of a 70/30 split of the tourism travelling FROM the airport vs. tourism TO the region. The geo-commercial advantages for freight forwarders, international cargo airlines and transportation companies who can maximize on the unique cargo-friendly environment and 24 / 7 operations where obvious to some of the visitors as well.

Their visit included a tour of HAITEC and VG CARGO where ultra-modern facilities and technology complement the service spectrum as well as the airport landscape. The agents left our facilities with a more comprehensive inside look at the possibilities and potential the airport offers in addition to the exchange of ideas, differences and similarities of air cargo and air travel that were shared during the tour.

on site report by: M. Taweel