VG Cargo GmbH provides visitors a behind the scenes look, to see for themselves, how exciting cargo can be at Hahn Airport’s “Tag der offenen Tür” (Open House) on the 12th of June 2016 from 10AM to 5PM.

A lot of fun games await you at the “Tag der offenen Tür” among other things Tetris à la AKE, the Wheel of Fortune and a Rollercoaster ride at Hahn Airport! And for the people who would like more information about our business you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with professionals AND for those seeking employment, we are hiring!

“Tetris” à la AKE
Come to our stand and see how interesting air cargo is. Test your skills with Tetris à la AKE. This accurately reflects the daily work of our palletizer-specialists. Try to properly load different shipments in a freight-container (AKE) and get to know the challenges first hand. If you succeed you will be rewarded!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune – AND for a good cause!
Try your luck with the wheel of fortune. The purchase of one ticket equals a turn of the wheel. There are plenty of prizes for all ages. VG CARGO together with HAITEC and FFHG will donate all proceeds to a (regional org for charity / a charitable cause) charitable organization from the region. Take part and win!

Ride the FRACHTERBAHN (Cargo-Coaster) … it’s FUN!
You can get a free ticket to ride the coaster (the VG Flyer) at our stand. The coaster is a re-engineered cargo container with 6 airliner seats where children and adults can take a ride in our automated ULD high-rack elevating transfer vehicle (ETV). We can store up to 4 levels which translate to a storage height of about 12 meters. Freight is normally picked up by truck or aircraft, transferred over the Bypass (sorting system) and placed in the high-rack until the aircraft or truck is ready to load. Dollys (rolling carts/trollies) and tow-trucks are important tools to accomplish the task. You can rest assured that “HANDLE WITH CARE” is always our top priority.

We are hiring!
VG Cargo GmbH is always looking for new AND motivated employees as well as apprentices who are fascinated by aviation. Simply ask us – on the day of the Open House – many of our employees will be on site. (Top-Managers/OPS-Professionals/Human Resources among many others)

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